After 3G/4G launched in Pakistan, cellular companies have also started wifi Wingles and dongles etc for those people who use internet on multiple devices. Telenor is also one of the known telecom companies in Pakistan. Telenor has been recently licenced to provide 4G services in Pakistan. After getting the 4G licence, Telenor has also introduced the Telenor 4G Wingle and Mobile Wifi in its 3G/4G coverage area. These devices are best known as "Telenor 4G Hotspot Wingle".

Here we will discussed the two types of Telenor Hotspot Wingle specifications, prices and Packages in detail. One is 4G Hotspot Wingle while the other is called as 4G Hotspot Mobile Wifi. At this time, Telenor 4G Hotspot Wingle provides cheap wireless Internet as compared to other cellular companies such as Zong, Ufone etc. These are the best USB Internet in Pakistan at this time.

Telenor 4G Hotspot Wingle

  • 4G Hotspot Wingle has no battery, can work only when it is connected to any USB power source.
  • 4G Hotspot Wingle can create a hotspot for 10 connections.
  • 4G Hotspot Wingle works on all 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE.
  • The Price of Telenor 4G Hotspot Wingle is 2000 PKR.

Telenor 4G Hotspot Mobile Wifi

  • 4G Hotspot Mobile Wifi has a 1500mAh rechargable battery in it and apparently it works without plugging in to any USB power source.
  • 4G Hotspot Mobile Wifi can be used without power for 6 hours (when active/working) and 300 Hours (Standby).
  • 4G Hotspot Mobile Wifi can create Hotspot for 16 connections.
  • Works on 2G, 3G and 4G.
  • The Price of 4G Hotspot Mobile Wingle is Rs. 3000.

Telenor 4G Hotspot Mobile Wifie and Hotspot Wingle Packages

Telenor has specific packages and price plans for its two dongle devices. These packages are same for both 4G Hotspot Wingle and 4G Hotspot Mobile Wifi. However the prices of the devices are 2000 Rs. and 3000 Rs. recpectively.

Telenor Hotspot 4G Montly Lite

Charges = Rs. 1500 Inclusive of Tax
Volume = 20 GB
Validity = 30 Days
Activation Code = *345*1001#

Telenor Hotspot 4G Monthly Smart

Charges = Rs. 2200 Inclusive of Tax
Volume = 55 GB
Validity = 30 Days
Activation Code = *345*1002#

Telenor Hotspot 4G Monthly Value

Charges = Rs. 3800 Inclusive of Tax
Volume = 100 GB
Validity = 30 Days
Activation Code = *345*1003#

Telenor Hotspot 4G Monthly Unlimited

Charges = Rs. 1500 Inclusive of Tax
Volume = 180 GB
Validity = 30 Days
Activation Code = *345*1004#

Telenor Hotspot Wingles and Hotspot wifi 3 month Packages, pay for three months and get more data for less money.

Charges = Rs. 4000 Inclusive of Tax
Volume = 25 GB Monthly
Validity = 90 Days
Activation Code = *345*1005#

Where To Buy Telenor 4G Hotspot Wingle Device?

Presently, these devices are available on all Telenor frenchises

How to Check the Validity-Time and Remaining Data in Telenor Hotspot Wingle?

To check the expiry time/date and remaining volume of your Telenor Hotspot Wingle, just open the Hotspot Wingle Home page and click on "Internet volume check", You will know your enquiries on the screen and also via SMS. You will also automatically receive SMS notification about Data usage when it consumes 50%, 75% and 90%. Do click on the SMS tab on the Home screen to view notifications. You can also check the remaining data and validity time by just dialing *999# from your Data SIM. Type or in the address bar to access your home page.

Terms and Conditions

  • Other than these packages, can not be activated on these devices.
  • Only Customers of Telenor Hotspot Prepaid Package can avail these offers.
  • The Packages can be availed more than once a month.
  • These Packages are not auto-recurring.
  • All Prices are Inclusive of Taxes.
  • For more Info, please dial 345.

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