Warid has recently launched a bizarre call offer. This is as not real calling rate as the title "50 Paisa Offer" to all Networks discloses. In simple words, this offer is for those people who spends more than 400 Rs on calling, texting or mobile Internet. Warid always tries to deceive mobile users with such a bullshit offers that have the attractive titles like "Warid 50 Paisa Offer". By introducing such an attractive titled offer, the main aim of Warid to increase its users. People watch the TVC on TV and they think that Warid is really offering the cheapest call rate of 50 Paisa per 30 Secs to any local network. All people know that on TVC, the terms and conditions are shown in a tiny text which is usually invisible to the audience watching TV.

What is actually Warid 50 Paisa Offer?

The more you spend your Warid balance the less call rate it will be on Warid 50 Paisa Offer. If you use 0 to 100 Rs Warid Balance, the call rate will be 90 Paisa per 30 secs, If you spend Rs. 100 to 200, the call rate will reduce to 80 Paisa, If you use 200 to 300 Rs., the call rate will dicrease to 70 Paisa, If you will consume Rs. 300 to Rs. 400, the call rate will reduce to 60 paisa per 30 sec and if you use Rs 400+, the call rate will be Rs. 50 Paisa per 30 sec. Now is it not a disgusting offer. The common people when listen or watch about "50 Paisa Warid Offer" they migrate from other networks at once after knowing about the call rates they curse on Warid.  These types of cheapest and disgusting offers is the reason that why Warid is the most disliked telecom company in Pakistan.

Who Should Use Warid 50 Paisa Package

Warid 50 Paisa Offer is for Warid Prepaid Customers. This package only benefits those people who use more than 400 Rs on Warid. If you are one of those people than this package is for you, otherwise I recommend you not to mess with this bullshit offer by Warid. 

Slabs of Usage

How to Subscribe for 50 Paisa Warid Offer?

To subscribe just dial *950#, Rs 1.2 will be charged.

How to Unsubscribe from Warid 50 Paisa Package

To Unsubscribe, just dial 

How to check the Current Calling rates for Warid 50 Paisa?

To check the current calling rates, just dial

Terms and Conditions;

  • For threshold estimation, every Rs. from Warid balance spent on calling, texting and Mobile data will be counted.
  • The discounted call rates will only be available as per the above slabs
  • The customer can get 50 Paisa/30 sec call rates on all network after spending 400 Rs.
  • The discounted rates will be available for the next 30 days after activation.
  • The discounted rates are only for local call rates, not for International calling.
  • Taxes are excluded in the Call rates.
  • To check the current calling rates, just dial *200*950#
  • In balance usage calculation, subscription/bundle fees or other party services will count.
  • This is a limited time offer.

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