No change has been seen in Pakistan for decades, but Zong brings change to its telecom company. According to, Zong is going to re-launch its brand, due to which Zong will change its logo, position and many other things related to Zong Telecom company.

According to the sources and Zong is changing itself to make itself the leader of Digital Market in Pakistan. Zong's New Logo (as you can in the above pics) is full of new hopeful colors. Its motto is "A New Dream" which also indicates to the bright future. According to the sources, it is almost the biggest change in the Zong since Zong has launched its services in Pakistan. 

The change is not only limited to the Logo, but Zong is also looking to introduce new packages and offers and abandon some existing ones. It is expected that Zong will launch new packages and offers after this Eid.

We Hope that Zong will once again drop the prices of 3G Internet. The present Packages especially the wireless Internet in Pakistan is very expensive. The prices are increasing day by day and its becoming difficult for a common man to use wireless Internet in Pakistan

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