Warid is the only one telecom company that has 4G LTE but does not have 3G. If you have 4G/LTE supported handset, then Warid 4G Internet buckets are very suitable for you because Warid 4G LTE Mobile Internet packages are at very affordable price. If you compare the price of Warid 4G to Zong's 4G, then you will free a significant difference between the prices. Warid 4G LTE prices are lower than Zong because Zong has only 4G and most people do not have 4G supported handsets in Pakistan.

Don't wait to pick up your desired Warid Internet Bundles if you have LTE/4G supported handset. Warid Offers Daily, Weekly and Monthly Internet packages for low prices. Before subscribing to any Warid Net packages, please read the following Terms and conditions first.
  • Only Warid Prepaid and Warid Glow users are eligible to subscribe to these exclusive packages.
  • Mobile internet bucket is available for all packages
  • The Internet Package will not deactivate even if user changes the prepaid package
  • Rs. 1+tax will apply on all texts, sent to 7777
  • The Daily Internet Bundle will expire on 12:00 AM rather than after 24 hours.
  • Users can also subscribe this package along with Facebook and other Internet Bundles.
  • Subscriber can consume the data buckets on both 2G and 4G/LTE

Warid Daily Internet Packages

Warid has three different daily Internet Packages from 2MB to unlimited (100 MB). These buckets are not recursive which means that you have to resubscribe manually to the package for the next day if you want. The Fair Usage Policy for Warid Daily Unlimited Internet Bucket is 100 MB.

Warid Daily Recursive Internet Packages

These Packages will automatically re-subscribe again. However, the package will unsubscribe automatically in case of zero balance in your Warid account. Warid daily recursive and nonrecursive packages are same.

Warid Weekly Internet Offers

Warid has only one weekly Internet bundle for its users. The weekly package of Warid is small as well as cheap. Warid Weekly net package offers 250 MBs for Rs. 35/-

Warid Monthly Internet Bundles

Warid has four different monthly Internet Offers. The monthly Internet Packages are from 10 MB to 2 GB. There are 10 MB, 100 MB, 500 MB and 2GB Warid Internet Bundles

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