Telenor is a popular telecom company in Pakistan. Telenor has divided its users in to Talkshalk Users and Djuice customers. Many of Telenor Internet packages are for both Djuice and Talkshalk customers. However the Telenor Internet Packages only for Djuice are below. All these Internet bundles for Djuice users only and Telenor Talkshalk users are not eligible to subscribe to these Internet offers.

All these Djuice Internet Bundles are 2G only. However if you are a Djuice users and want to subscribe for 3G Internet Bundles then these Internet packages are not for you because all these Djuice Internet Packages can be used on 2G speed.

Following are the Djuice Internet Packages along with charges, data volume (in MBs), Validity and subscription stings/code.
Djuice 3G Bundles Names  Fee Data Volume (MB’s)Validity (Days)Subscription String
Djuice Sasta Internet PackageRs. 1.20Rs. 1.79/MB1:*915#
Djuice Download Offer4.77400 MB (From 1 AM to 9 AM)1*345*907#
Djuice Time Bundle Offer5.9860 Minutes time for browsing3*919#
Djuice Mini Internet Package5.985 MB1*345*931#
Djuice Daily Internet Package14.34100 MB1*345*932#
Djuice 3 Day Internet Bundle 23.90300 MB3*345*933#
Djuice Weekly Internet Package47.87500 MB7*345*934#
Djuice Unlimited 2G Monthly Internet Offer2992 GB30*345*935#

How to Subscribe?

Djuice Sasta Internet Package = *915#
Djuice Download Bundle = *345*907#
Djuice Time Package = *919#
Djuice Mini  Internet Bundle = *345*931#
Djuice Daily Internet Package = *345*932#
Djuice 3 Day Internet Package = *345*933#
Djuice Weekly Internet Package = *345*934#
Djuice Unlimited Monthly Offer = *345*935#

How to check Remaining MBs ?

Dial *999# (Charges Rs 0.24 incl. tax) to check your internet query.

Djuice has also 3G packages but all these packages (mentioned in this post) are 2G and for Djuice customers only. Telenor Talkshalk users can also use Djuice 3G packages. Both Djuice and Talkshalk users are eligible for the same 3G pacakges.

Terms and Conditions

  • The subscription charges for Djuice 2G packages are inclusive of taxes.
  • Default internet charges are Rs.1.35/64KB (inclusive of tax).
  • If you have activated multiple internet Packages, you will get details for each bundle.
  • 2G bundles will not work on 3G.

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