With Ufone Super Call Offer, Ufone has not only excited its users but also rocked the competitive telecom companies because Ufone always tried to introduce the lowest possible prices for every package. Ufone is one of the best telecom companies in Pakistan and once again Ufone proved it by launching Ufone Super Call Offer. With Ufone Super Call offer, the subscriber can make super lengthy Ufone to Ufone calls for a reasonable price of Rs. 3.89/Hour. Ufone Super Call Offer is the best package for everyone who want long discussions with others. If we estimate the charges per minute, then it comes 6 Paisas Per minute which is the most reasonable call price in Pakistan.
Enjoy up to 59:59 minutes Ufone to Ufone call for Rs 3.89 with Ufone Super Call Offer

How to Activate Ufone Super Call Offer?

To subscribe for Ufone Super Call Offer, Just dial *45#. Please note that Rs. 10 + Tax is one-time subscription charges apply for Ufone Super Call Offer. Once you subscribed to Ufone Super Call Offer, you will then be able to make Ufone to Ufone call for Rs. 3.99 Per Hour at any time.

How to Deactivate Ufone Super Call Offer?

Just dial *451# to Unsubscribe from Ufone Super Call Offer.

Terms and Conditions

  • Rs. 10 Plus Tax one-time charge apply
  • 15 Paisa Per call will be additionally charged
  • This Offer is for all Ufone Prepaid Packages except Ufone Super Sasta Package, Bundle Offers Call and Ufone City Based Package.
  • In Gilgit-Baltistan, FATA, AJK and Islamabad an extra 0.84% will be charged for all services. 
  • Rs. 3.89/Hour will also be charged if the subscriber calls to 'Friends and Family'.
  • 59:59 Minutes will be considered 1 Hour
  • 19.50 FED one other taxes on recharge will be applied

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