Mobilink Jazz is the expanding Telecom company in Pakistan. Jazz is also merging with Warid. Jazz is better known for its best signals and bigger coverage area. Almost all the Telecom companies in Pakistan increased the prices especially the charges of Internet packages. After 3G and 4G, the number of Internet Users in Pakistan is rapidly increasing day by day due to which the Telecom companies recently raised the prices of 3G and 4G internet. Jazz has also made some changes in the prices of daily, 3 day, weekly and monthly internet packages. The purpose of rises in the prices of Internet packages is to provide better speed to the 3G Users. Here I am going to spotlight Jazz daily, 3 day, weekly, monthly 3g Internet bundles with latest prices and data MBs. Please remember that Jazz Internet Packages 3G latest prices discussed on this pages, is only for Prepaid Mobilink Jazz Customers.

Jazz Daily, Weekly Monthly Internet packages along with data bundle prices, with terms and condition will be discussed step by step in this post. I will also give you the complete detail about Jazz Social Bundle and Jazz Late Night Internet Offer.

Before you subscribe to any Jazz Internet Package, please read the following terms and conditions for all the Jazz Internet Bundles below;
  1. All subscription Fees/Prices are inclusive of Taxes for All bundles.
  2. Rs. 0.30/MB for overage will be charged on all bundles.
  3. All Internet Bundles Datas are usable on both 2G and 3G
  4. All the below Internet Bundles will not automatically subscribe, you have to manually use the subscription code whenever you want to re-activate the Package.
  5. Rs. 21.51/MB will be charged if you are not subscribed to any bundle
  6. Use the "Status Code" to check the remaining Data in MBs and the expiry/validity time of the bundle.
  7. These Jazz 3g Internet Bundles are for Jazz Prepaid customers
  8. Price = Subscription Fee

Jazz Daily Lite or Day Lite Internet 3G Bundle

  • Price = Rs. 12 (inclusive of Taxes)
  • Data = 50 MB 
  • Validity = 1 Day
  • Subscription Code= *117*11#
  • Status Code = *117*11*2# (For Checking remaining MBs and Validity time)

Jazz 3 Day Lite Internet 3G Bundle

  • Price = Rs. 20 (inclusive of tax)
  • Data = 100 MB
  • Validity = 3 Days
  • Subscription Code =*117*1# 
  • Status Code = *117*1*2#

Jazz Weekly Smart Internet 3G Bundle

  • Price = Rs. 75 (Tax included)
  • Data = 500 MB
  • Validity = 7 Days
  • Subscription Code= *117*7#
  • Status Code = *117*7*2#

Jazz Weekly Lite Internet 3G Bundle

  • Price = Rs. 50
  • Data = 300 MB
  • Validity = 7 Days
  • Subscription Code = *117*3#
  • Status Code =  *117*3*2#

Jazz Monthly Starter Internet 3G Bundle

Jazz Monthly Lite Internet 3G Bundle

  • Price = Rs. 250 (inclusive of Tax)
  • Data = 3GB
  • Validity = 30 Days
  • Subscription Code = *117*31#
  • Status Code = *117*31*2#

Jazz Monthly Smart Internet 3G Bundle

  • Price = Rs. 500 (inclusive of Tax)
  • Data = 6 GB
  • Validity = 30 Days
  • Subscription Code = *117*30#
  • Status Code =  *117*30*2#

Jazz Monthly Heavy Internet Bundle

  • Price = Rs. 12 (Inclusive of Tax)
  • Data = 13 GB
  • Validity = 30 Days
  • Subscription Code = 117*32#
  • Status Code = *117*32*2#

Jazz Late Night Internet Offer

  • Price = Rs. 15 (Inclusive of Taxes)
  • Data = 500 MB (from 02:00am to 08:00am)
  • Validity = 3 Days
  • Subscription Code= *114*14#
  • Status Code = *114*14*2#

Jazz Daily Social Bundle Internet 3G Package

  • Price = Rs. 5 (tax included)
  • Data = 30 MB (For Facebook and Whatsapp only)
  • Validity = 24 Hours
  • Subscription code = *114*5#
  • Status Code = *114*5*2# (For checking remaining MBs and expiry time)
All the above prices are the latest prices per the official website of Mobilink Jazz. We will update the pricing and other detail of the packages whenever the addition made to the data, timing and prices on the official website of Jazz.

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  1. Sir you are working great, your efforts are admirable.

  2. Sir Jazz 3g bundle ke remaining data kese check karengay

    1. apne package ke mutabiq status code dial kare. Ooper saaray status code mention hai.

  3. Jazz 3g internet bundles are the most expensive. i thought jazz might have decreased the prices but instead, they increased, Jazz is going to die

    1. In coming days Jazz will also have 4g :)