< Mobilink Jazz is one of the most popular Telecom Company. Mobilink is also acquiring Warid Company as PTA has approved the merger, this means that in coming moths, Jazz will be the biggest Telecom company with the maximum numbers of customers. Jazz Budget Prepaid Package one of 4 Jazz Prepaid packages. Jazz Budget come first in the list of Jazz Prepaid Packages. Its on top of Jazz One, Jazz Champion, and Jazz Easy. In this Post I will give you the complete information about Jazz Budget Package.

Jazz Budget Prepaid Package

The Jazz Budget is the most used Jazz Prepaid Package, which offers suitable pricing for its prepaid Jazz customers who don't bother to know or activate different offers and packages for various services like calls, SMS and Internet. Jazz Budget is designed for a common man who uses all services like Call, SMS and Internet surfing. Jazz Budget lets your select up to 20 friends and family numbers for lowest call rates. You can also add Off-net numbers to Jazz Budget and this is the primary reason why Jazz customers prefer Jazz Budget over other Jazz Prepaid Packages. Let me spotlight the Jazz Budget Prepaid Package call, SMS and surfing charges.

Pricing of Jazz Budget Prepaid Packages.

  • On-net Call/Minute = Rs.2.4+Tax 
  • Off-net Call/Minute = Rs. 2.4+Tax
  • SMS (to any local network) = Rs. 2+Tax
  • Internet Data Surfing Per MB = Rs. 18+Tax

FNF numbers on Jazz Prepaid Package

You can add up to 20 FNF numbers to Jazz Budget Package. You can also add non-Jazz numbers to your FNF list. 

Pricing of Jazz Budget FNF numbers

  • Call to Jazz FNF numbers (On-net) = Rs. 0.5+Tax Per 30 Sec Call.
  • Call to non-Mobilink FNF Numbers (Off-net) =  Rs. 2+Tax Per Minute Call
  • SMS to Any FNF Number = Rs. 1.70 + Tax

How to Add FNF numbers in Jazz Budget?

To Add FNF number Just dial *364*number#. Rs. 5+ Tax applies adding per number to FNF list.

How to Switch your Package to Jazz Budget?

First time migrating to Jazz Budget Package is free. Otherwise, you will be charged for Rs.17.93 (inclusive of Tax). There are 2 Ways to switch your package to Jazz Budget Package.

Through USSD String Code

This is the easier method than IVR method. Just Dial

Through IVR Method

  1. Call 123 from your Jazz Number 
  2. Press 3 for Package Setting
  3. Press the number to select your desired package.
You can also switch your Jazz Package by talking to Call agent representative.

The validity of Jazz Prepaid Package is for the lifetime. However, you can switch to another Jazz Prepaid Package.

Terms and Conditions of Jazz Budget Package

  • Call Set Up Charges apply to all calls including FNF numbers. which is Rs. 0.10+Tax
  • Only Jazz Prepaid Customers can use Jazz Budget Package.

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  1. Dear Sis yes they mentioned Rs. 0.6 because they have included the call setup charges of 10 Paisa. I hope you understand